Of course that’s the first thing I’d ask for
My new favorite thing to do when I’m on the couch viewing American Ninja Warrior (which, by the way, I’m weirdly obsessed with): texting the SF MOMA for art.

Yes, this is a thing!


Apparently, the SF MOMA has sooooo much art in their archives — more than they have physical space in the museum to display — that they created a way for people to experience all of this excess art that would be otherwise tucked away in a basement by text 메시지. You can now text the SF MOMA at 572-51, and ask them to send you a picture of a piece of art related to any subject that interests you.

For instance, I asked them to send me cats, because hello! Priorities. then they sent me the above piece by Hungarian-born photographer André Kertész of a man and his Siamese.

Cool, right? I could literally do this all day long.


고양이 & 메이크업 스웨트 셔츠 ??

$ 42.

지금 쇼핑하십시오

I get to find out about new artists and see art that I probably never would’ve otherwise seen.

And now for an awkward transition…American Ninja Warrior! I love the show, and I particularly love seeing women compete so well and do such superhuman physical feats!

In case you haven’t seen the show before, it’s a competitive challenge course of increasing difficulty where hundreds of competitors try to make it all the way through to hit the buzzer at the end, and then to go on to the national finals in Las Vegas. In nine seasons, only two people have made it all the way and finished the very final event, because it’s THAT hard. Whoever makes it through the final course, I think, wins a million dollars.

For years and years and years, it was a bunch of dudes, but finally, over the past few years, women started competing and doing well in it. Anyway, last year four ladies got through a qualifying round to hit a buzzer, which was a big deal.

Jesse Labreck doing her thang. get IT, GIRL!

A few of them came back this year and competed in the most recent show, but it was weird… most of the time before the athletes do their run through the challenge course, the show does a little video montage of things they’ve been up to in their life, things they’ve achieved over the past year, that kind of thing. Well, this year they did two videos on two of the women who hit a buzzer last year, Allyssa Beird and Jesse Labreck.

In both cases, the videos didn’t focus on what I’ve come to expect from the male competitors on the show — accomplishments at work, finishing school, or how their ninja warrior training is going. Instead, they were mostly about their new relationships. In other words, boyfriends.


I mean, I’m all for love. ~을 자란 I think love is great! but it still irked me. El Hub even discovered it, and I was like, “What if Connor Claire made it on the show, made Ninja Warrior history, and then instead of getting a montage about how she trained like a beast over the last year, it was about how she got A BOYFRIEND, wouldn’t that kinda grind your gears?”

Anyway, I’m just sayin’. American Ninja Warrior crew, please get your sh*t together. There’s so much more to a woman’s story than how she met her boyfriend.

OK, mini rant over!

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Have a terrific weekend, my friend. I think we’re gonna grill today for the first time this year. wish me luck, haha!

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